Broker Comparison

How we're different from a traditional business broker.



You will pay a broker a fee of 10% (or more) of the sales price of your company to sell your business. This fee is paid in cash, at the closing of the transaction. Based on the size of a typical transaction this fee can range from $50,000 to $100,000 for a typical small DME company.

The broker earns this commission when he introduces the buyer and the seller, and the transaction closes.

We charge $199 per month to list your business in our directory, and the first month is free. If you would like us to assist with the negotiations we charge a nominal fee based on the work involved. It's a fraction of what the broker charges.

A typical business broker will work with several buyers. They will prepare a profile of your company and submit it to the buyers they think may be interested.

Those same buyers use our network to find you (without the broker). In addition, we broadcast your listing to them and thousands of other potential buyers. They have access to our real time network and can act in your listing immediately.

A broker will tell you what your company is worth.

We'll provide you with a detailed analysis of what your company is worth using our proprietary valuation system. Our system accounts for contracts, patient volume, market share, and many other variables. It was designed by a broker, MBA, industry veterans, and college business professor.

You'll have a solid understanding of the upper and lower limits for offers. Our goal is to make sure you do not leave money on the table.

A broker will deal with the negotiation.

The broker can only relay the message from the buyer to you. It's your decision what to counter offer, or accept. With our valuation system, you have the tools to handle this yourself and you're in direct contact with the buyer. In addition, you have access to our in house broker staff should you need further guidance.