Finding the seller

Large national companies have an entire staff that is focused on mergers and acquisitions. While they do work with some brokers most prefer to find companies on their own then make a direct offer.

Until now, there wasn't an easy way for medium sized companies to find potential potential sellers. Unless you had a staff dedicated to it, you were at the mercy of the brokers that sent business profiles to you. What you may not have realized is that there were plenty of aquisition targets out there that did not want to work with a broker because of the large commissions charged.

So, the medium sized buyer never knew about these potential sellers. Further, they lost out to the nationals who would find them and be the ONLY offer they received.


Now any company can list themselves for sale quickly and inexpensively. This opens the door for the mid sized buyer to function at the same level as the nationals - without needed the staff to do it.

So, by using our (free) system, you're able to find potential aquisition targets, get directly to the decision maker, and close deals fast!

And if you're looking for particular contracts - Medicare or otherwise, our system helps you find them.